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Despite what some might think, the internet is the most important marketing tool you have. By typing a few words, a potential client can find hundreds of lawyers and law firms that you must now compete with. Having a website is a great way for your business to connect with new customers. Unfortunately while building a website has brought instant success for some businesses, it has the potential to be an absolute disaster for others.

Poor website design is often the primary reason for a website's failure. This is because it fails to engage the user. We show you how to identify poor web design and how to apply best practice web design principles. Also if your firm lacks an online presence, you're putting an extra step between you and increased revenue. Law Promo can help you eliminate that step by working with you to create a website that's both informative and innovative. Or we can help you make your existing website generate new clientele.

We will use the knowledge and expertise we have developed to work with you on what type of website is right for your firm. Our web design experts have cutting edge skills in design and technology, including ways to increase optimization on search engines. Expect the finished product to be an original, creative design that will make you stand apart from your competition.

Credibility and professionalism is important to you and we will be sure your site reflects that by keeping it organized and up-to-date. We also offer a content management system so that you can keep information on your site current, no matter what time it is.

We can also help with other attorney marketing strategies, including branding and brochure creation. We have partnerships with a number of legal news sites and have connections with major public relation representatives to broaden your media presence.

All of this will help Law Promo and your firm accomplish the goal with both want: expansion and increase in revenue.

We know how to employ the best practices and most efficient web design techniques to maximize your visitors experiences, and in turn improve your incoming client rate. We follow several "best practices" that we have established over a long period of trial and error, and are happy to present this knowledge to each of our attorney clients. We focus on simple navigation and intuitive layout over fancy design or distracting elements. Many graphic designers will focus on form over function and forget that you need to make sales, but at our company your business is always the main focus.


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